Twilight For Two - Thermae Bath Spa

For a little late but wonderful birthday treat my lovely boy Thomas took me to the Thermae Bath Spa. Of course Bath, as its name suggests is home to the well preserved original Roman Baths are a site of historical interest in the centre of Stall Street.
 For those who want the full experience of swimming in the baths or some relaxation a much more modern Thermae Spa is just metres away. 

Our 'Twilight For Two' package included a meal and drink in the restaurant followed by a three hour session to explore and indulge in the Baths. 

There's the indoor spas…
The  four gorgeous steam rooms which each have their very own flavour. 
Lemon Grass & Ginger - Aromatic and Stimulating 
Eucalyptus & Mint - Cooling and Cleansing
Sandalwood - Warming and Soothing
 And my favourite….Lotus Flower - Calming and Purifying. 

And the beautiful rooftop bath…
Couldn't of asked for a better evening with this lovely boy. I highly recommend these beautiful spas if you are ever nearby. A beautiful birthday surprise!

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  1. It's such a nice place, really amazing present! :)