Love You Mum!

Apart from being a great excuse to go wild in Paperchase, for me, Mother's Day is a huge realisation to just how lucky I am. I love my Mum but being at University a long way form home means that this year my gifts have been delivered by the Postman. I love you Mum. I will see you soon. 


The Boy Behind it All...


 We met in high school in Australia. He was born in Queensland but England is his second home. I spent my last two senior years falling and falling for this boy. A week after our graduation my flights were booked to return to the UK… permanently. 

Three long months later, he called me to say he was leaving Australia to live with his extended family in the South East of England. Perhaps one of the best days of my life.
 13 months later and I'm at University in Bath and he is living in his own cosy flat in Essex. Both more determined than ever to chase our dreams, taking every spare weekend we have to travel across London and see one another.
This is Thomas. And I'm absolutely crazy about him.


Beautiful Bath

There is no denying that Bath's beautiful city (Somerset, UK) was huge factor on the positive column when filling out my UCAS application. Although my halls of residence are not in the city centre itself, the recent bright and sunny signs of spring have allowed me to do some more exploring…    

Great Pulteney Street Fountain
'The Little Theatre' - 1930's Cinema for Arthouse and Mainstream in St Michaels Place
Pulteney Bridge
Bath Abbey
Henrietta Street
The Tramshed - with my housemate Amy
Bath Spa University - Newton Park Campus 
 Bath has two separate Universities which means thousands of student and young people blending its historical beautiful with a young and alive culture - or at least a picturesque escape from my uni cell or manic studio rehearsals.


Travel Cravings

Over the past few years I've been fortunate enough to visit some incredible cities. However, the endless list of countries that I still want to visit is getting longer and longer as I type. Being a poor university student means the overseas adventures are currently on hold - or at least until my bank balance looks a little healthier. So I'm about to reminisce the last three beautiful countries I've explored with family and wonderful boyfriend. 

The Great Wall of China - Bejing

Beijing was an experience like no other.

But perhaps didn't beat my love for LA and the West Coast…

If you've been to New York then you no that it speaks for itself and no words can do it justice. You're in a movie from start to finish…

The Empire State Building with my not so little Brother

Where exploring is endless and map reading is impossible.

Times Square with my lovely Mum.

And last summer I travelled to Barcelona for the most wonder 10 days on the East Coast of Spain with my favourite person in the entire world.

Arc de Triomf - Barcelona

With blue skies everyday and an upgrade into a five star hotel…. what more could I of asked for?

Main Beach- Santa Susanna

I only wish I had taken more photographs of the places I have travelled. Or that may be the very beauty of my adventures….


The Places I Call Home.

In the Summer of 2009 my parents made a decision for me that was possibly the most spontaneous and life changing choice. One I am eternally grateful for and always will be. They took me here….
Bribie Island, Queensland Australia

To a tropical island off the Sunshine Coast. 12,000 miles from home and half way across the globe. And told me the world was my oyster. And they were right. So for the next four years, Australia became my home… a beautiful, extraordinary, scary and magnificent home. I've climbed under tropical waterfalls…

Kondillia Falls, Montville QLD
And floated across the most idillic waters.

The Darwin Lagoons
Deep deep down to the most peaceful place on Earth... 

The Great Barrier Reef - Cairns

Across the largest, vast sand islands in the world.

Fraser Island, QLD - My beautiful Mum

To find beautiful people and things…

Who I've collected like little tiny piece.

To make me the person I am today….