Finished First Year!!!

Eight long months ago I was whizzing down the M6 with my Mum, Dad and a jam-packed car. I was moving to university. One of the scariest days of my life - I was leaving home for the first time. 
I was moving into Halls on the universities campus - And found my new home in Langton block O with 7 other girls. 
I literally felt like I'd been thrown into the Big Brother house. I guess I half expected it. Eight very different girls, eight very different personality, sleeping pattern, diets, hobbies, tastes etc… in some crazy social experiment to see if they could handle a house together. 
Lets just say its been interesting. But I've had a lot of fun…
 University has taught me so much and if you are thinking of going/not going then… GO!! You will learn more about yourself than every before. 
I've learnt three very important lessons:
1. Be Yourself.
Don't change for anyone but yourself. If people are not willing to accept and appreciate you for you, then they're not worth knowing. Don't be pressured or pretentious… just confident in your own skin.
 That way… your TRUE friend shine through (I Promise). 
2. Let it go. 
Life is far too short… and if living in a house of 8 girls has taught me one thing, its to walk away, drop it, step back and ask yourself if its worth it. I will admit it… I'm easily caught up in things that I've forgotten about 3 days later. 
There's been an unspoken rule in our house. If someone/somethings bugging you….make some popcorn and move on. (Popcorn has made low nights just a little brighter.)
3. Not everyone is like you.
You know all those rules that you were taught as a child that aren't really rules but you'd never do them anyways…. yeah? Well not everyone was taught those. Don't get me wrong, I've met so many amazing people in my short time here but be prepared! This year I've had some people worked out so wrong. 
When you find those people like you, it's a relief! And a lot of fun and games. 
So this all brings me to today. I'm currently sat in a half packed room after the most stressful week of my life trying to find a house for next year. Finally, we've had some luck!
It's mixed emotions about leaving these four walls that been with me since freshers. Happy to leave the drama and dirty kitchen behind. Sad to leave the memories and the people who have helped me grow so much this year. University has been everything and nothing that I expected all at the same time.  
So until september, goodbye Bath Spa University. But goodbye forever to room 8 Langton O… you've taught me so much and I hope your next fresher enjoys you as much as me.



Limbo: A 90 Second Screen Dance

For my final term three project…. yes FINAL Woohoo! (A 90 second solo) I chose to create a piece of screen dance as I love a bit of dance film and media. 
My concept was based around the idea of gender 'codes'. But basically turned into a lot of fun dressing up and rolling around a grimy subway tunnel in Bristol city centre. 
 'A child does not enter this world with a fixed gender identity: 
they play the constructed rules, behaviours, 
activities and attributes 
that are thought to be appropriate within the 
environment they are exposed to.' 
Give it a view and tell me what you think! Not sure how I feel about watching the male version of myself.

My first year of University is almost over - Scary Stuff!



It's been beautiful in Bath…. here's what I've been up too...
Favorite Bagels at the Crescent
Followed by a highly competitive game of Adventure Golf in Victoria Park. 
And of course too much ice-cream on our walks home. 

What have you been up too? 
P.s. Happy Bank Holiday 


Twilight For Two - Thermae Bath Spa

For a little late but wonderful birthday treat my lovely boy Thomas took me to the Thermae Bath Spa. Of course Bath, as its name suggests is home to the well preserved original Roman Baths are a site of historical interest in the centre of Stall Street.
 For those who want the full experience of swimming in the baths or some relaxation a much more modern Thermae Spa is just metres away. 

Our 'Twilight For Two' package included a meal and drink in the restaurant followed by a three hour session to explore and indulge in the Baths. 

There's the indoor spas…
The  four gorgeous steam rooms which each have their very own flavour. 
Lemon Grass & Ginger - Aromatic and Stimulating 
Eucalyptus & Mint - Cooling and Cleansing
Sandalwood - Warming and Soothing
 And my favourite….Lotus Flower - Calming and Purifying. 

And the beautiful rooftop bath…
Couldn't of asked for a better evening with this lovely boy. I highly recommend these beautiful spas if you are ever nearby. A beautiful birthday surprise!