And so it begins again...

Today was day 2 of packing, and although I'm sat typing this with my entire wardrobe on the floor next to me…. I am quietly confident and positive about the year ahead. New house, new academic year and an opportunity to climb closer and closer to my dream.
Can't wait to share my new room with you.
I will miss you beautiful Lake District… See you at Christmas.


The Autumn/Winer ZARA Wish-list.

It's like the designers at Zara know EXATLY how to tease me. I walk into the store and there's not one thing I wouldn't purchase. Would it be a crime to say I can't wait to get rugged up in my snug winter clothes?! 


Life on The Lake

The sun has finally returned to the North-West of England… a least momentarily. And as its name suggests, my home, the Lake District is famous for its vast lakes which look even more beautiful in the sparkling sun. 
…. There was just enough time for a scrumptious tea for two.
Only two more weeks in this peaceful countryside before I'm back to crazy university life. 


The Travel Bucket List

"Travel while you're young and able. 
Don't worry about the money, just make it work. 
Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be."
The more I travel and the more famous landmarks I witness with my own eyes, the hungrier I get to escape to new places. So I've made a 'travel'  bucket list…. of landmarks, cities and countries. It not unrealistic… just 20 destinations I hope to cross off in the next hmmmm….. five years (would be nice).
  1. Bali, (maybe a little yoga retreat).                                     
  2. New York
  3. Egypt (The Pyramids) 
  4. Stockholm 
  5. Los Angeles 
  6. Sydney - The Opera House
  7. Athens
  8. Croatia
  9. Rome
  10. Beijing
  11. The Taj Mahal 
  12. Christ the Redeemer & Copacabana Beach
  13. San Francisco
  14. The Great Barrier Reef
  15. Hawaii (who doesn't?)
  16. Budapest 
  17. Lisbon 
  18. Cape Town (thanks to Ben Brown)
  19. Dubai
  20. Barcelona
What do you think? Good list? Better than yours? 
Time to get travel planning….


Hello September

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It’s a new month, SEPTEMBER - which means its time to start pulling out the blankets, cranking the heating up and seriously feel the summer blues. But it’s not all bad…. The new season brings exciting new goals, adventures, challenges and a little appreciation for the amazing summer break that’s quickly approaching an end.
 I’ve been staying with Thomas this week; watching his games, eating too much food, stalking his new neighbour and getting lost on the M25. Yesterday we ventured on a road trip that took us to the pretty city of Windsor. Situated idyllically on the River Thames with the grand Windsor Castle overlooking the amazing array of shops and restaurants, it was the perfect day. I will miss my best friend and the summer we have had when I'm at University in Bath.
Speaking of University I recently visited Bristol (top right) to work on a dance project with my lecturer, Chris and some other choreographers in the South West. I can't wait to get back into a big studio, dancing 9-5 every day making a lot more films.  
Oh, and I almost forgot… Me and Thomas have gather the footage we took in Italy and have posted a video on his channel. Watch it here… (in HD of course).           
Okay, I'm finished rambling.
Speak soon…..