And with that you live your life...

I'm not a good writer, I never have been. Which means you will probably be seeing more pictures and less writing from me.

…..And I guess thats also why I dance. 

Why I read it, watch it, breathe it and live it.

And why this is probably my favourite paragraph ever written by the queen of contemporary, Martha Graham.



So I guess I should begin with introducing myself. My name is Meg, I'm 18 years old and currently studying a Bachelor of Arts in Dance at the beautiful Bath Spa University. My family home is in the rural British countryside of the Lake District although the past four years I have lived on a picturesque island of the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. So in-between my cups of tea, technique classes and endless searching for new ideas and inspiration I will be here….. capturing/blogging all things pretty and magical and perhaps some of my madness thrown in the mix too!