A Day In York

Since my wonderful holiday, working my summer job is taking over my life. Today, I've finally got some me time and a chance to catch up on some blogs that have been forgotten. I don't quite think us northerners give enough credit to the beautiful cites we have. Here was my trip to the gorgeous York.
York was not without a trip down The Shambles and an amazing afternoon tea at Betty's.  
A great city to Shop, eat, drink, admire and watch the world go by! 


The Vatican City // Rome - Italian Adventures Part 6

Wherever you are in Rome, you cannot escape its architectural beauty... but the Vatican and its surroundings were something else. By my third day in Rome I found myself glancing over  'just another amazing building' but here I was forced to admire and be completely blown away.
This was the last day of my 10 days in Italy - time to pack, fly, appreciate and plan my next adventure.


The Colosseum // Rome - Italian Adventure Part 5

This trip to Rome would not have been the same without seeing the colosseum. Myself and Thomas woke up bright and early to avoid the queues and had the most amazing hour exploring the ruins and soaking up its beauty. I've been fortunate enough to see some major/famous landmarks in my short 19 years but never experience something quite like this.


Travelling to Rome - Italian Adventures Part 4

It was time to leave Federico and his lovely little villa to make the four hour trip to Rome. Two hours down and we found a beautiful harbour just a few miles from Orbetello Island. Have I been holidaying in the wrong place?! It wasn't long before we were back on the road and arriving in Roma!!

Rome, the Eternal City was just magical. Surrounded by the treasures and masterpieces of Roman art and architecture it is possibly the most beautiful city I've ever been seen. It was time to explore…