The Places I Call Home.

In the Summer of 2009 my parents made a decision for me that was possibly the most spontaneous and life changing choice. One I am eternally grateful for and always will be. They took me here….
Bribie Island, Queensland Australia

To a tropical island off the Sunshine Coast. 12,000 miles from home and half way across the globe. And told me the world was my oyster. And they were right. So for the next four years, Australia became my home… a beautiful, extraordinary, scary and magnificent home. I've climbed under tropical waterfalls…

Kondillia Falls, Montville QLD
And floated across the most idillic waters.

The Darwin Lagoons
Deep deep down to the most peaceful place on Earth... 

The Great Barrier Reef - Cairns

Across the largest, vast sand islands in the world.

Fraser Island, QLD - My beautiful Mum

To find beautiful people and things…

Who I've collected like little tiny piece.

To make me the person I am today…. 

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