Hello September

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It’s a new month, SEPTEMBER - which means its time to start pulling out the blankets, cranking the heating up and seriously feel the summer blues. But it’s not all bad…. The new season brings exciting new goals, adventures, challenges and a little appreciation for the amazing summer break that’s quickly approaching an end.
 I’ve been staying with Thomas this week; watching his games, eating too much food, stalking his new neighbour and getting lost on the M25. Yesterday we ventured on a road trip that took us to the pretty city of Windsor. Situated idyllically on the River Thames with the grand Windsor Castle overlooking the amazing array of shops and restaurants, it was the perfect day. I will miss my best friend and the summer we have had when I'm at University in Bath.
Speaking of University I recently visited Bristol (top right) to work on a dance project with my lecturer, Chris and some other choreographers in the South West. I can't wait to get back into a big studio, dancing 9-5 every day making a lot more films.  
Oh, and I almost forgot… Me and Thomas have gather the footage we took in Italy and have posted a video on his channel. Watch it here… (in HD of course).           
Okay, I'm finished rambling.
Speak soon…..

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