Great Britain

I'd be lying if I told you that over the four years I lived in Australia I didn't miss the UK. Yes… the sun shines everyday, the beaches are out of this world and having a pool in your back garden is pretty dreamlike. But there truly is nothing like home.
Keswick, Cumbria
I live in the Lake District. And coming home to all the Autumn leaves and having to wear a coat for the first time in four years was a heartwarming feeling. 
The View From Our Cottage (Appleby-In-Westmorland)
    And to my delight this was followed by much missed snow! Inches and Inches of it for the most perfect white Christmas, reunited with our family. 
My Granny, Auntie Rachel, Mum and Lovely Cousin Niamh
As those of you in the UK know, once Spring was over we had one of the best summers Britain had seen. Perhaps not Australian temperatures but I still managed a day or two at  a very pebbly beach.   
Beautiful Brighton
The sunshine meant lots of lovely day trips, travelling all over the country in my little car to explore with Thomas. 
Camden Markets, London
There is nowhere quite like England. No matter how far I travel and the time length I'm away….. When I board my connecting flight and hear a lovely English accents there is nothing better than knowing I'm going home. 

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